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According to "Ride Texas" magazine the area is home to the third most popular motorcycle ride in the state.

The Communities of Barksdale, Camp Wood, Montell, and Vance make up what is commonly known as the “Nueces Canyon.  The area is often considered the “Undiscovered Texas Hill Country”.   Flowing rivers and scenic vistas greet visitors as they traverse thru the Canyon.  Abundant springs and creeks make up the Headwaters of the Nueces River, one of the clearest streams in the State.

 Just a few miles from the Lost Maples State Natural Area and Garner State Park, Nueces Canyon offers year-round activities for the outdoor minded individual. Swimming, camping, and hiking are favorite activities for the entire family.  In addition, the area is rich in fossils, Native American artifacts. Other attractions include Lake Nueces Park and Scenic Drives.

The area is abundant with both native and exotic game.  White-tail Deer, Javelina, along with Russian Boar, Axis Deer and other exotics give rise to some of the best hunting in Texas. In addition, almost 200 bird species visit the area each year

Long before the first White Settlers came, Indians favored the area, and evidence of their habitation is still plentiful in flint points, occasional shell beads and other artifacts. An unsuccessful Spanish mission, San Lorenzo de la Santa Cruz, was established by Franciscans here in 1762, and in 1857 a U.S. Army post was founded, from which the community took its name. 

 Numerous Historical Markers can be found through the area that describe the early settler’s struggles to overcome Indian raids, plagues and the everyday hard life  in the Canyon.

Medical facilities include a clinic, a long term care facility and a volunteer EMS system.

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